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Local Authority Decision                              

 PA/SCR/2018/5 Scoping report on Solar Park at Carr Lane, Appleby To be monitored Initial enquiry by applicant for advice on whether an  Environmental Statement is required should a formal planning application be submitted.
  PA/2019/1044 Side and rear extension. 15 Risby Road, Appleby DN15 0AE Meeting 11 July 2019 Not yet determined
 PA/2019/1068 Replace existing conservatory. 14 Churchside Appleby DN15 0AJ Meeting 11 July 2019 Not yet determined
 PA/2019/1005    Timber gates to rear driveway, 4 Ermine Street, Appleby, DN15 0AD

 No objection  - NP comments 

 Not yet determined
 PA/2019/897 Single storey extension, 10 Carr Lane, Appleby, DN15 0AH Not yet determined 
 PA/2018/1665Convert farm building into two-storey dwelling.  The Arches, Mill Farm, Ermine Street, Appleby, DN15 0BZ Comments submitted Full planning permission with conditions
 PA/2019/738 Reduce height of Blue Spruce, 3 Haytons Lane, Appleby, DN15 0AP No objection

Consent to carry out works  

 PA/2019/729    Single storey rear extension, 8 Vicarage Park, Appleby, DN15 0AX  No objectionFull planning permission with conditions
 PA/2019/514 Work to trees at Keb Barn, Church Lane, Appleby, DN15 0AGNo objectionNot yet determined
 PA/2019/147 Storage lagoon for liquid organic wasteObjection - comments Not yet determined
 PA/2019/336       2 storey side extension.  20 Church Side, Appleby, DN15 0AJ Objection - comments Refused
 PA/2019/33 Felling of 3 trees. 11 Carr Lane, Appleby, DN15 0AH No objection Consent to carry out works
 PA/2018/2519 Felling of conifer tree. The Vicarage, 5 Paul Lane, Appleby, DN15 0AR No objection Consent to carry out works
 PA/2018/2185 Prune lilac tree. 8 Hollies House, Haytons Lane Appleby DN15 0AP No objection Consent to carry out works
 PA/2018/2508 Demolish old building & replace with new.  The Old Forge, Ermine Street, Appleby DN15 0AA          Comments posted Full planning permission with conditions

 Change of use of land to hold weddings and other events with temporary marquee and car parking.  Common Plantation Broughton Road, Appleby DN15 0DA

 Comments posted Not yet determined
 PA/2018/2504             Crown reduce 18 trees.  Waterbeck House, 6 Church Lane, Appleby, DN15 0AG No objection Consent to carry out works